Poem: The Summer Queen

Obtained from Google

Majestic Armor Shines Upon your Breast

The Color of Emerald Green

Your Cape the Shade of Sea of Trees Falls Down Your Back

An River Down the Pure White Rump of Your Steed

Upon Your Wrists Bracers of Clover Green and Gold

Mane of Fire, Eyes of the Forest

Upon Your Brow are Leaves

The Color of Newborn Green

You Rode Past Me Last Night

Whether You Saw Me I Cannot Say

My Heart Pounded in My Chest

For Your Beauty, I Have No Words

At Your Power I Hit My Knees

For I Know I Have Been Blessed

My Eyes Have Beheld the Summer Queen

Over the Seelie Courts of the Fae

You Hold Dominion

When the Winter Queen Yields to Light

Golden Rays Replace Silver and Grey

I Know Not Why I Was Blessed

To Lay My Eyes on the Summer Queen